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StudyHelper aids the evil process of studying by being random flash cards. More exercises will come in the future, as this program is still in development. Likely SDL will be used in the future so that accent marks do show up, as they normally don't in consoles. Also consoles might turn some people off, and having a window instead might make them use the program more efficiently. Please note that the launcher is only compatible on Windows and Linux. It has not been tested, but it is extremely likely that it will fail on Mac. Instead, on Mac you will need to compile the source with the Makefile. If launching the Launcher on Linux, you will likely need to mark the executable downloaded as executable in order for the launcher to successfully launch the executable. In order to this, you can launch the Launcher jar, click yes to downloading, and then the launcher will close and nothing will be launched. If you launched the Launcher using the terminal, then xterminal will complain about no absolute path being found for the shell. You can then right click on the executable file StudyHelper, click Properties, go to the tab permissions, and check "Allow executing file as program". Then when you launch the Launcher it will launch an xterminal that will run StudyHelper.